About us
Kingwinch Team — a community that includes high-class athletes, enthusiasts, engineers, healthy and active lifestylers. Our community has no boundaries, and everyone who has helped us ever is part of our team.
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Kirill Dyakovskiy
Research & Development
Vladimir Venediktov
Chief Director
Anton Uzhegov
Technical Director
Aurelie Baptiste
Avinash Joomuck
Cable Operator
Ciano Appasany
Cable Operator
KWWS manufacture

We have developed unique solutions that makes wakepark building easy. Modern equipment of its own production, unique software, custom infrastructure of the park. We invite you to cooperation.

$ 1 200
Basic Kit Type-1
$ 12 000
Charity Events
Corporate Events

We have great offers for cooperation: advertising in the wake park, collab-projects and much more. Contact us if you have any suggestions.

We are open for charity events. Contact us if you have any suggestions.

Our park is a wonderful place for a holiday and a corporate event. We will prepare an individual program for you and take all your wishes into account!

8 (812) 382-05-14